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Why does Ayahuasca so recommended?

As you may have heard, there’s actually a very effective way to cure severe depression. Unlike going to a psychiatrist, this medicine will be the psychiatrist itself. It’s not a modern one, but it’s an ancient medication instead. The Ayahuasca Retreat is highly recommended by a lot of people, especially by those who have been cured of their depression and even from their drugs addiction as well.

The first reason of why it’s so recommended is because of the fact that it cures both the body and mind. It’s entirely different from most of the modern treatments that only cure the patient physical condition. Aside from that, the next reason is that of ayahuasca has been preserved for thousands of years. As logic can tell, if a medicine is being used for thousands of years over and over again, it’s a strong indication that the medicine itself is too effective for curing sickness and other health and psychological problems.