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Some Examples for the Listening Part of the B1 English Test

Passing the B1 English test is one of the requirements for someone who wants to become a new British citizen. They can book the test on, for example. The B1 English test consists of two parts which are the listening part and the speaking part.

To help you who are going to take the test here are some of the examples for the listening part that you need to know:

– Describing people
In this section, you need to listen to two students discussing the teachers at their college. Then, you need to match the names of the teachers to the photos.

– Education
As for the part regarding education, there will be a geography teacher explaining the project students will perform on the course. They, you need to listen and finish the table with the words provided.

– Accommodation
You need to listen to a student talking about accommodation with an accommodation officer at a university. Then, you have to choose the correct answer.