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Arm Lift Procedure to Increase Your Confident

There are many people who want their skin to look as firm as when they were young. Plastic surgery is one of the solutions for people who have skin slack due to aging. Not only for women Baltimore plastic surgeon, but also for men. One of the procedures given by Baltimore plastic surgeon and quite a lot of interest is arm lift or fat suction on the upper arm of the bottom.

This surgical procedure will use local anesthesia and will slice the upper arm up. The deep tissues that support the arm (fascia) will be tightened and tightened. This incision is then closed neatly. The length and shape of surgery vary, depending on the patient’s physical condition.

This procedure is determined by the amount of skin to be removed. The patient will be given the opportunity to choose whether to suck fat or cut off the excess skin. One thing that must be done is to consult the doctor concerned. That way, the doctor knows what action should be taken, so you will not be disappointed with the results.