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Quality Backlink Criteria for Off-Page Optimization

Quality backlinks are indispensable for off-page Optimization, which is an optimization to increase SERP (search engine results page) done from outside the site in question. In practice, off-page optimization is closely related to backlinks. Changes in Google’s algorithm compel website owners who hook their site traffic from search engines to keep learning to find the right and appropriate optimization model in order to boost their web position to a better place on the search page. Bulk backlink models using automated software have been largely abandoned, because although it can raise the rankings of sites that are backed up quickly on the search pages, it is also very vulnerable to Google’s algorithm detected that could be fatal, ie a drop in search engine rank (usually almost for all Keywords) up to penalty to deindex (if bulk spamming done is brutal enough). Do you want to get the best quality from SEO program? Get for improving your ranking.

Google algorithm to handle the problem of excessive backlink optimization is commonly known as Google Penguin. In recent years, this algorithm has resulted in many casualties falling especially on those who build their sites with various types of backlink spamming, bulk and low quality. The problem is, not many know how the actual criteria of backlinks that are considered qualified in the eyes of Google and where to find the source of free backlink. Especially for those who just entered into the world of internet marketing and still lay in the matter of SEO.