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How to Change Offline Donation Habit to Online

Crowdfunding based applications or companies are starting to become the current trend. Departure from crowded concern and public sympathy towards the phenomenon of many people unable to appear in social media. Unfortunately, the sympathy is just shaped like in the online world. The life of a highlighted society has not changed. Therefore fundraising for nonprofits invites the public to create a social campaign to help fellow-beings through the online platform. What this fundraising for nonprofits is doing is not just to help those who are out of financial difficulties. But the main thing is to change people’s habits in donating. If the first donation must be offline in various places such as worship and foundation. But the community easily without leaving the house and only through the screen of the device can already donate. Vice versa. Society fundraisers do not have to bother to take to the streets or doing offline activities takes time and energy. Live online campaign only.

The question is of course how this social concept startup can continue to sustain or survive, aka generate income. Charged 5% of each campaign’s earnings. Though the concept is social, the 5% price is our nominal value offering in which the financial statements of donation income can be transparent besides of course the other benefits that campaign movers will get. The business concept itself is not applied to all campaign types. Fundraising for the sick and the disaster is free of charge. In addition to regular income, fundraising for nonprofits is getting funding from one angel investor and three venture capital without mentioning how nominal. Online donation innovation is a breakthrough for all groups to donate without having to go through a complicated procedure. In the end, the concept of the online donation will lead people to donate without knowing the location and time so it is very effective done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. An integrated system directly linked to the bank account and online donor portal provider directly provides a guarantee of ease, security, and accountability that can be directly monitored by donors.