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Do This If You Are Worry About Your Motorcycle

There are a lot of people who like to go on a trip by motorcycle. But you need to be careful, do not let your motorcycle get stolen by unresponsible people. But f you already lose that, you can do a license plate search to find it.

Here are some tips that you can use:

1. Avoid parking in the corner

Try to park your bike in the middle of others, or at least there are several parked bikes around yours. This is recommended for the people who love to travel with their motorcycle. Sometimes, it’s difficult for a thief to steal a vehicle that has been parked in the middle of other vehicles. The most vulnerable one is a motorcycle that’s parked on the corner of the parking lot. They’re really trained to unlock the handlebar lock without being noticed by the people around the area, even though it’s in a crowded place.

2. Park near the view of security cameras

This tips maybe not being known by many people and rarely to be used. If you’re shopping or simply buy something on the roadside, you can park your bike near the security cams or at least your bike has parked in the range of its view. So if your bike is being stolen, the security cams have been recorded the thief in action and it has the chance to capture the face of the thief.

3. Replace the key and also the key hole

These days, locking your handlebar isn’t considered to be safe due to many thieves that have learned on how to open it. If you have a very valuable motorcycle, whether from its price or from the sentimental value, you can change the key and the lock to be your own custom made key and lock systems. You can ask the locksmith or the mechanic to make one for your bike for a fair price.