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Different Kind of Different Treatments

Carpets are usually used by people as a base for sitting or sleeping. Various types of carpet are sold with various colors, shades, and shapes, of course, also with a variant of the price from cheap to expensive in accordance with the needs. Buying a carpet also turns out not to be arbitrary, the article is now circulating some flooring products (carpets) are not environmentally friendly even risky to health. One of them plastic carpets, which can easily be encountered in traditional and modern markets. Carpets with patterns or drawings of interest will certainly be a special attraction, especially among children. Many pedestals (rugs) that feature pictures of cartoon characters, thus making children interested. In addition, carpet cleaning is not always you do yourself, it would be better if you use services or services such as

But did you know? That based on research carpets made of plastic material contains two harmful chemicals commonly known as Phthalate and Bisphenol A (BPA), and most widely used in making the base (carpet) it. These chemicals are very harmful to health because they cause breast cancer and inhibit the growth of children. A stain-resistant carpet is the choice of many people to complement his home. Anti-stain rugs that have been 10 years old have the possibility of containing PFASs, which enter the baby through the breastfeeding process. Researchers are currently investigating the risk of disease that can be caused by PFASs.